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'Let the Stars Guide You'


Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Astrology...

I am Paramita Chatterjee, hailing from the city of joy- Kolkata, India. My spiritual journey began in my very early ages, I had a very keen interest on scientific astrology  ,scientist Johannes Kepler's astrology  and ayurvedic astrology in my very childhood. I have been practising

matters on Astrology, Numerology, Gemology, Vaastu, Karmic-Correction and especially Yoga & Kundalini Meditation for 17 years.


Today I am regarded as one of the best Astrologers in West Bengal by many, whom I advise without any bias regarding the social strata and race. I like to keep all the solutions simple to understand while encapsulating the complexity in this vast subject.   


For over 13 years I've been great help to many Industrialists, Business men & other individuals on topics related to health, wealth, job, marital issues, sickness, stress, career & karma.


My goal is to provide professional astrological guidance to those in need of effective management and overcoming challenging situations...   


Astrology  /  Horoscope  /  Numerology  /  Vaastu /   Colour Therapy  /  Mind Exercise  /  Gemology  /      Stress Management  /  Yoga & Meditation


Relationships  /  Love  /  Marriage  /  Divorce  /  Career  /  Health  /  Family  /  Finance  /   

Karma  /  Mind-Related Problems  

I can help you

“Hey Paramita, thank you for your guidance. I must say you're great at your work, your predictions are very accurate and you've found so many things without me telling you about those problems. I will follow your remedy for sure. One more thing - You are the prettiest astrologer I've ever seen. ”

-Soumen Saha 

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108/8 H/63 Maniktala Main Road
Kolkata - 700054, India



P-81 Dakhshini Housing Society Metropolitan near Bypass Dhaba , 

Kolkata- 700105, India


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